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Halbe Hageman was born in a little called Norg in Drenthe in 1946. As a  little child Halbe was already fascinated by colours. Growing up to adolescent he was already deeply intrigued by the works of expressionists like van Gogh.

Not being able to forfill his dreams as an artist, he sailed around the world for 20 years. Seeing the most beautiful places on earth and its most beuatiful colours. This became the inspiration of his paintings.

Halbe learned the art of painting and the use of colours all by himself.  In the early days he was inspired by artist like van Gogh and later on by Matisse and Gaugin. He had been trying out to paint with acrylic paint, but that didn't work that well for him. Now adays Halbe is only using oil paint, because of its amazing ability to diverse and mix the colours the way he wanted.

The paintings Halbe makes, mostly contains colourfull lsndscapes, which are inspired by his many trips to the south of France. In the recent past he experimented with women figures and painted his art on tables and chairs.

More recently Halbe works in fragmentation just with a palette knife.